Women’s author, speaker and mentor KRISTIE CARPENTER (aka The Blended Family Mom) has been a blended/step family mom since 2004. Her blended family includes her husband, Dan, two biological children, and two step children. Kristie is passionate about moms and families (blended and traditional), she loves sharing her experiences about blending, marriage and parenting, and she believes all families - blended or traditional - can beat the odds and weather the storms of marriage and family life. An entertaining and engaging speaker, Kristie loves encouraging others, and her perspectives on spousal priority, preventive parenting and blended family dynamics have informed and entertained readers and listeners all over the world. Kristie’s first book, The Blended Family Mom: Interactive Devotionals to Help You ‘Stir and Mix Your Blended Family, is filled with thought-provoking stores, interactive inspiration, practical experience and suggested activities. Her second book, titled Blended Mom Moments, is a compilation of entertaining and informative perspectives from her weekly radio show and BLOG posts. One of Kristie’s favorite sayings is, “Hang on; hang tough,” meaning, when blended moms and families hang on for what almost always is an interesting ride, they also need to hang tough; the reward though, she stresses, is always worth it.

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